Hedd Richards has been judging dog shows for more than 30 years. In the UK he is Kennel Club approved to award Challenge Certificates (CCs) in Alaskan Malamutes, Berner Sennenhund, Leonberger, Newfoundlands and Portuguese Water Dogs.  He is also a judge for the whole Working Group (UK). He has judged in South Africa, Canada and in many European countries as well as Scandinavia. He is currently Chairman of the Southern Newfoundland Club and was Chair of the Newfoundland Club for approximately 20 years.

As well as judging in the Conformation ring, he is a judge of Carting Newfoundlands in the UK.

Del Richards is Kennel Club Approved to award CCs in Newfoundlands and Portuguese Water dogs. She has been judging since 1991. She has also judged in Canada, South Africa and throughout Europe and Scandinavia. Her interest in Working Newfoundlands has resulted in being able to judge the highest level of Draught Test in the UK.

Together, they breed Newfoundlands under the Sheridel kennel name and, although they do not breed often, they are one of the most successful UK kennels. They have owned and had success with Newfs of all three colours. All their dogs live in the house and are very much family members and pets as well as show dogs.

In 1997, Ringpress books published ‘Newfoundlands Today’ after Hedd and Del were commissioned to write it. Although now out of print, this book is still one of the most popular Newf books chosen by Newf owners.

After many visits to Norway and Sweden, they are looking forward very much to meeting the Newf and their owners at the Morokulien.’